Liberty Kid




"There's not a single wrong note in "Liberty Kid," Ilya Chaiken's poignant drama. Tender, wise and deceptively low-key... everything about this film feels effortless. 'Critic's Pick'"- New York Times

"Chaiken's subtle narrative touch, along with the exceptionally strong performances of leads Al Thompson and Kareem Saviñon, gives this one a rare emotional pull. 'Critic's Pick'"- New York Magazine

"Chaiken makes us feel for her characters... "Liberty Kid" is a poignant look at what might be called 9/11's collateral damage".- New York Post

"Liberty Kid elevates... by keeping a 'Wire'- worthy ear to the street talk of south Williamsburg and maintaining a shrewd balance of the personal and the political... an uncommonly acute, deftly played drama of the New York working class."- Village Voice

“Chaiken doesn’t just make movies; she lives through them from the inside out... Recalls early Martin Scorsese... A smart little movie with intelligence and heart to spare. “- LA Daily News

"The least explicit yet most affecting film yet to depict New York in the weeks and months after the towers fell."- New York Sun

"There may have been two or three dozen American films that struggled to make sense of 9/11 and its aftermath, but none of them have done more with less than "Liberty Kid"... It's a simple story, engagingly told, wonderfully acted and shot with an eye for the beauty of the Big Apple's unglamorous outer-borough neighborhoods."-

"Epic and resonant... to her eternal credit, Chaiken keeps her movie grounded in her characters, allowing Thompson and Saviñon's true-to-life performances to carry us through..."-

"A powerful drama... Chaiken works with a delicate touch... Potent, thoroughly believable performances... Deeply poignant".- Hollywood Reporter

"Chaiken‘s focus drives home the fact that collateral damage comes in many forms... Packs a visceral punch"- TV Guide

"Smoothly kinetic... Glaringly real."- Variety "Sensitively drawn... Strong performances".- LA Weekly